Simplifying job opportunities and career paths.

In the year 2017, finding a job and advancing our careers should be easy. Given all the technological advancements in our society, but unfortunately many in our society remain unemployed, underemployed and many far from reaching their full potential. We believe the process is broken and we're focused on solving it from a user standpoint. We're not only passionate about technology, but helping others get there faster. Welcome aboard.


Edith Molina & David Molina in college. After OSU, they co-founded their first startup, RED Consulting Group, LLP, a bilingual recruiting company and then renamed it to BilingualHire and expanded into job placements/bilingual temporary staffing. In early 2014, David started programming to build this. As entrepreneurs, they are always focused on leveraging their passion to build systems that matter. We could not be more thrilled in you being here. Gracias.